Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Helo Mr Miyagi

May I have a courtesy to say?
Yes, absolutely!

It's the end of the hell. And indeed, we shall celebrate it!

Thank you sensei, thank you friends. Thank you to all. Sukipt has ended. I shall bring more about Sukipt on another post..maybe. So here, big news! Sensei tanya tentang matlamat after Sukipt? Huhu dalam fikiran matlamat nak beat 'budak yang tak harus dinamakan' tu huhu. Bolehkah?

Miyagi is a name of the restaurant. Yep. And it is ridiculously expensive!! A glass of fresh orange costs RM9?! Seriously? But still, people come and sit and order. Pelik. Their business hours only from 12pm-230pm and 530pm-930pm. But still, people would come and sit and order. He said, "No no, it is totally worth. TOTALLY".

Arghh sushi? I hate sushi. Tapi sushi kat restoran ni.. Arghh SEDAAAPPPP!!!

p/s pictures taken from Syazana Ishak's album. hehe.
p/s/s please remain calm. please.