Monday, September 30, 2013



Sometimes it doesn't means stupid in a real context meaning.

"Bangang ah"

I used to call that word to my brother. He's annoying. Totally. First, because he's a jerk. Second, well I can't fight him, I am gonna lose, so using that word kind of my counter-attack.

However, if I use that word and then smile, it has different meaning. It means, "my brother is an idiot, but I love him. Totally". And I used it kinda alot :)

What I wanna emphasize is that, you gonna act weirdo in front of someone you love, in a different way, to some extent, a way that nobody could understand. At all.

To a stranger, I act all innocence. They called me angel. Unlike my best buddies, they called me devil.

And for you. I am sorry. I am such a weirdo. But that's how I am.