Saturday, October 4, 2014


"Awak nak main untuk individu kata? Saya boleh masukkan nama awak. I have the right to do so"

That was what he said to me, back then, in the cafe, two years ago. I was flattered. I gave him my blur-face as in "wh-what?" but in fact, I was so, so happy. And tonight. It was him, again.

"For female individu kata, suhaila"

Exactly two years later. But this time, he was not asking me. He gives it to me. Right to my face. Mandatory. And how are your feeling? Indescribable. I have work a lot, a lot to put my feelings away. To keep my Do. And to do. Just like me two years ago. Very innocent. Very spiritual.

This is my last Masum. Probably. My grand finale. How could I destroy this? Could you? Another 4 weeks to go. To my SI, I will not disappoint you, again and again. In fact, I will make you proud. This so-called 'talented' girl will make you proud. My stage. My game. For you.

Thank you SI. Thank you. So. Much.


dewdrop said...

sedih baca hoi. tahniah,
suhailah boleh punya, insyaAllah!

Wan Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

hi suheyyy,
just nak bagitahu iolls dah tukar url blog iolllss --->